To Veil or not to Veil: How to pick the right head accessory

So, you finally decided on the style of your wedding gown (congratulations!) and it’s now the time to choose an equally amazing headpiece. While there are some brides that are not too keen on accessorizing their dress, there are many (65% of brides to be exact) that have their hearts set on having a veil on their big day.

Whether you want it sweet and short, cathedral-length, or something in between, it is important to make sure that the veil does not clash with the dress. After all, a veil’s role is to enhance the whole look and not to clash with it!

Decorating a bride’s head with something to cover her up dates back to ancient times making it the oldest element of the bridal look. Did you know that a bride all wrapped up with a long cloth represented purity and a shield against evil spirits? Who doesn’t like a multi-purpose accessory!

In time, and during the days of arranged marriages, the veil was used to hide the bride’s face for the simple goal of preventing the groom to run away if he didn’t like what he was seeing. While covering the bride’s face was very practical and popular, in the 18th century brides started to wear a bit of everything; flower crowns, bonnets, caps, jewels etc.

But why do we usually think of a veil as the ultimate headpiece? Well, it’s all thanks to Queen Victoria. On her wedding day she walked down the aisle with a white dress, flowers in her hair and a veil floating down her back. The royal ensemble became the epitome of the modern bridal look.

When it comes to picking the right veil it is important to take into account several things:

The length; keep in mind that shorter veils like the birdcage or blushers tend to add more character to the whole look. Depending on the style it might add a lovely retro feel. On the other hand, longer veils are more traditional and formal. Can’t find the right one? Keep in mind that you can always have it custom made!

Color; always try to match as closely as possible the color of the veil to the dress. if bought separately to the gown bring with you a sample of the fabric of the dress so that you can compare it to the different veils offered.

Hairstyle; longer veils usually look better with a low up-do or worn down while shorter veils offers more possibilities to be creative.

Accessories; if deciding to wear some accessories to ornate the veil keep in mind the style of the dress. Sometimes a big veil does not go well with a fancy and big tiara!

No matter which style you are going for just make sure to enjoy the whole experience and have fun!

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