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How to choose your dream wedding dress

Planning a wedding is exciting but also very stressful. After all, there are so many things that you have to think about and picking your dream gown is perhaps the most important one.

wedding by the poolChoosing your wedding gown is a complex affair. It sets the tone of the whole wedding, be it a casual beach bash or an extravagant ballroom , and it puts you in a world with a new language to decode- A-line, fit and flare, tulle, sheath, organza. Additionally, it is becoming quite fashionable to have multiple dresses, a formal one for the ceremony and a more informal, party-centric gown (blings anyone?) for the reception. It sure can be overwhelming.

When going dress shopping there are several things to keep in mind:

1) Do research beforehand

This is the time to browse Pinterest and pin to your heart content! grab bridal magazines and cut out the dresses that you like. Look at what celebrity brides are wearing and find commonalities of styles. Bring all of your ideas to your first appointment.

2) Be open minded

While going well prepared to your appointment is essential, always keep in mind that the style picked might not look as good as you envisioned. Keep an open mind and try those styles that you didn’t know would be perfect on you. Of course, if you are getting a made-to-measure gown the process is a bit easier as you will be guided by the designer and dress-maker.bride preparing herself

3) know your budget

It is important to work out a budget before your first appointment. If someone else is paying for it (family, the groom) stay within that budget or pay the difference yourself.

4) Pick a dress that will remain timeless

Always keep in mind that a dress that is super trendy will eventually date your gown and wedding in your pictures. Remember Lady Di’s bridal dress? Super puffy and over the top, it’s the epitome of the 80s’. You definitely won’t find a dress like that outside of that decade. Find your own style, something that flatters your body type and makes you look fabulous and timeless!

5) Enjoy the experience

Choosing a wedding dress is stressful. You have to juggle your own nerves and indecision, your mother and any other ladies in your life who is with you during the shopping and fittings. Enjoy the whole  experience by giving yourself enough time to find or create the dress and by organizing brunches or drinks with your girls in between the appointments. Have fun!

bridal bouquetFor inspirations for your bridal gown have a look at our new collection and at our real brides page.Get in touch if something tickles your imagination!

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