Made-to-Measure: What does it mean?

When it comes to made-to-measure it usually refers to anything that is customized and generally of a higher quality of any ready to wear garment.

Usually brides-to-be tend to go for an off the rack gown as it is more affordable and gives the bride the chance to try different styles in one booking. It is important to note that while the designs are similar it is possible to make the wedding dress more unique to the bride with alterations.

On the other hand, a made-to-measure gown is completely tailored to the bride’s distinctive vision. From her Pinterest board to flying magazine cut-outs of favorite designers or  dresses, the designer will guide the bride to create her own masterpiece. There are no bounds to creativity!

There are positives and negatives from both sides when it comes to have the dream wedding dress. At the end of the day it all depends on the bride’s budget and vision. At “La bottega di Barbara” we had the pleasure to create a wide range of different styles to tailor to our brides. It’s never about the bride’s size, budget, country or cultural traditions. We love to join the bride and her family in her journey toward her wedding! Fancy a red wedding dress? We get it. It’s a beautiful color and! A short dress instead of a long train? They are so chic and whimsical. We are here to help our brides!



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