“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani

Why choose “La Bottega di Barbara” and a made-to-measure gown for your wedding?

At “La Bottega” we love anything bridal. Choosing the perfect gown is an emotional and universal experience that unites everyone no matter the difference in ages, culture or tradition. In fact, If you ask a woman of any age or nationality what her wedding dress looked like on her big day she will be able to describe every single detail of it.

Having a made-to-measure wedding dress at “La Bottega” means having an exclusive dress, completely designed and executed by Barbara and her team. What goes into the creation of the gown is Barbara’s long experience in the industry (which started in Italy), the different styles and techniques, and the fine fabrics. In short, what is being created is a Made in Italy dress produced in the Sunshine Coast!

A wedding designer is more than someone who makes your gown. It is someone who can give you reassurance, guidance and who continuously strive to exceed your expectations. The one hour initial appointment (free of charge), is fun and usually quite educational. Brides discover what suits their body-shapes and why, and end up with a sketch of their dream dress.

All the fittings are held in the studio, which is private and comfortable, and it can accommodate all the family and friends that may tag along to share the whole experience with the Bride.

Your appointment, whether it be a first visit or a fitting, will always be with the head designer, Barbara. Subsequently the will be another appointment for the selection of the fabrics for the chosen style. There are usually 5 fittings per gown, however the quoted price does include as many fittings as required to achieve the perfect fit.

Your dress will be a unique artwork, with a history and a soul, and more importantly a step towards the most emotional journey; married life!!!

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (07) 5373 5230 , 0404279063, or email barbara@labottegadibarbara.com.au